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AdAi is a smart, fully-automated SaaS system, built to deliver higher ROAS and growth for the biggest brands via Google Ads.

Designed for Agencies and Enterprise
With $10k/mo+ of brand ad spend


Easy to Set Up

Its unique architecture works alongside existing PPC platforms and processes, augmenting the capabilities of both your team, your tech stack, and your agency without any changes to your workflow.

Pay-For-Performance Pricing

With a pay-for-performance fee structure, AdAi guarantees results or you pay nothing.

Detailed Reporting

AdAi quantifies and reports the value it creates, offering detailed auditing of its decision process and actions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact us now to test AdAi in your environment with no risk and no obligation. If for any reason you’re not satisfied at the end of 30 days you won’t be billed.

As an agency, you can resell AdAi to increase your revenues by approximately $1MM for every $100MM in Google Ads spend that you manage.

Seamless Integration

AdAi can be added to your current solution stack with no disruption, alteration, or addition to the services you provide.

Pay-For-Performance Pricing

With a pay-for-performance fee structure, you can guarantee your clients a 4x-10x return on what you charge them for AdAi with no risk to them. Revvim charges you a percentage of what you charge your clients, guaranteeing that AdAi is a healthy profit center for you.

Detailed Auditing

AdAi provides daily reports of the value it generates, along with a detailed audit, creating invoices that your finance team can use to charge your client each month.

Get Started Today!

Contact us now to join Revvim’s reseller program and grow your revenues along with those of your biggest clients.

Performance Pricing
Fair, transparent, no-haggle pricing.

AdAi uses a tiered fee schedule based on reclaimed spend each calendar month.

Reclaimed Spend From To AdAi Fee
First $10k $0.01 $10,000.00 25%
Next $90k $10,000.01 $100,000.00 20%
Next $900k $100,000.01 $1,000,000.00 15%
Above $1MM $1,000,000.01 10%

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