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Sun Tzu and the Art of SEO

This advice from the 6th-century B.C. treatise “The Art of War” holds true today in the battle for organic search rankings, an application Master Sun surely would have found fascinating.

The Most Frequent SEO Mistake: Misaligned Content

Of all the mistakes and missed opportunities that I encounter while serving the SEO world, there’s one that continually pops up the most, even where experienced, creative SEOs are in charge: misaligned content.

Why you need to automate your SEO in 2017

I talk to SEOs every day about how they spend their time and how they want to spend their time. There is nearly always a difference between the two.

Understanding an SEO Timeline

For many site owners and managers, it can be hard to understand why your site conversion rates and rankings are not improving, even after establishing a baseline and implementing recommended SEO changes. Most would assume that the SEO strategy itself is not working, but it’s more likely an unrealistic timeline. Numerous efforts to improve SEO […]