Everything SEO, ruminations from the Revvies.

What Exactly Does Revvim Do?

This week Steve and Matt finally share the secrets of SEO revenue maximization, the intersection between SEO automation and the human brain, and the future of Revvim’s attempts to turn the world of SEO on its head.

How to Win the Page Load Speed Race (Once & For All!)

This week Matt makes the critical mistake of allowing Steve in front of the camera with him in Revvim’s premiere episode of Between Two Cars. The two discuss the overwhelming impact of website flattening to speed, security, SEO ranking, and the lack of impact to content creation and editing workflows.

Are you spending too much on paid search?

Paid vs. Organic Search Budgets, Marketing Mix, and Google Beer Goggles! This week Matt dives into the question of how best to balance your search budget between paid and organic, coins the questionable phrase “hyper media”, and drives a steamroller!

The Most Important Question for Marketing Leaders

This week, Matt uplevels the conversation to discuss how to build a successful digital marketing strategic framework. We look at how best to align with corporate goals, determine budget allocations, define and report success metrics, and know your customer…all in under 5 minutes!

Preventing the Zombie Content Apocalypse

This week, Matt warns of the coming zombie content apocalypse, details how to find and kill zombie content, and shares how to make sure your content team isn’t spawning more of it! Click here to get your site tested!