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Understanding an SEO Timeline

For many site owners and managers, it can be hard to understand why your site conversion rates and rankings are not improving, even after establishing a baseline and implementing recommended SEO changes. Most would assume that the SEO strategy itself is not working, but it’s more likely an unrealistic timeline. Numerous efforts to improve SEO rankings fail due to impractical expectations about the investment and time required for success. The following are all steps you can take to avoid unrealistic timeline expectations:

  • Assess the Situation – This step ties into the previously discussed concept of establishing a baseline. If you think of the SEO process in terms of sports, before you can play any sport, a doctor should evaluate you to make sure you are healthy. Similarly, the SEO’s first job is identifying what the initial problems are.
  • Plan Short/Long-term strategies – Because of the number of variables in the SEO business, it isn’t always evident why your search rankings are constantly shifting. Develop short and long-term strategies that take into account sustainable SEO success, even if they can cause immediate drops in organic traffic.
  • Understand SEO is an Ongoing Process – To reiterate the SEO sports analogy, once you start skipping your practice routine, it’s almost impossible to achieve the best results. SEO is as much about fixing current problems as it is about continual improvement and preventive measures.
  • Communicate – Of all the factors that can affect SEO success, cooperation and communication between different departments or teams is essential. SEO is not just managing keywords, it’s managing the movement and direction of your entire site.

So what does this all mean to you? To summarize, you should never trust an SEO professional who guarantee’s a specific ranking within a certain amount of time. Ask for an expected timeline at the beginning of the business relationship, seek someone who focuses on your business goals, and knows that SEO is a process that never really stops, only evolves.