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What are Meta Tags? How do they Differ from Meta Description Tags?

Do meta tags even matter? Some of you might be surprised to hear this. If you are thinking that is so 2009. You are right. That’s when Google finally stated publicly that because meta keyword tags were so badly abused by spammers that Google stopped using meta tags as a ranking signal. From the Google Blog, “Google has ignored the keywords meta tag for years and currently we see no need to change that policy.”

How does that differ from the meta description tags? And why were meta description tags discussed in several sessions at SMX West 2012? They were brought up in the SEO boot camp sessions.  Oh, I hear you saying that’s just for beginners. Then why where they discussed in the ominous session, Differentiate or Die?  Everyone knows that Google says they aren’t important.  So, why are we even talking about them?

Do Meta Tags matter? The short answer is Yes. The long answer is N0. Meta Descriptions aren’t used for ranking and so they don’t matter for on page SEO.

Wait for it…but they do essentially function as your ad copy in the search engines. That being said the better job you do with the meta description tag, the more likely Google will use it as their snippet and this could improve your click through rate (CTR) .

OK add another item to my to do list. Argh.

So how do you get those meta descriptions done quickly? Yes, this is where I recommend Revvim, it does check meta description tags and will let you know exactly where they are missing and additionally it will make keyword recommendations for those descriptions, helping you to build the necessary content.

Don’t forget to keep it short, under 156 characters, but not too short at least 100 characters, and try to get some images in there. We will bring you more ideas on how to use your meta description tags to get your rich media out there.

Matt Cutts video on Meta Description Tags​v=RBTBEfd7z_Y