8×8 Case Study

A highly successful SEO-savvy tech company, 8×8 found it increasingly difficult to significantly increase organic traffic and revenue

8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT) provides cloud-based communication services that empower conversations. These services include VoIP phone service, a unified communication suite and hosted contact center. 8×8 seamlessly integrates enterprise-class telephony capabilities with presence, unified messaging, softphone, web and video conferencing and mobile apps. 8×8 believes all businesses should have access to enterprise-class communication capabilities regardless of their size, physical location or financial resources. Recently, 8×8 was declared the “clear leader” in the 2012 Frost & Sullivan report “Analysis of the Hosted IP Telephony and UC Services Market” with over 28,000 customers.


With a mature site that already observed SEO best practices, 8×8 was looking for a dramatic new way to increase organic search visits and revenue. Within five weeks of using Revvim’s unique revenue-focused SEO service they had achieved 15% growth. The Revvim SEO Impact Report provided clear evidence to management of exactly how that growth was achieved.

The Challenge

“Year after year we achieved record traffic but as the site matured it became harder and harder to maintain that pace. When we first got serious about marketing our services online it was a lot easier to post huge gains in traffic’” stated 8×8’s CMO, Debbie Jo Severin. “I have always believed in marketing by the numbers, so we had great data on our performance. In the past few years, we implemented many SEO best practices. But, we were running out of ideas on how we could dramatically move the dial. That wasn’t an acceptable answer. At 8×8 good is not enough; we want great,” added Severin.

The Solution

Severin and her veteran team of online marketing professionals set out to solve this problem. After reviewing a number of the leading SEO platforms, they were given a demonstration of Revvim. Revvim is a new technology that focuses on the exact improvements necessary to increase traffic and grow revenue. “It was obvious to me that this was something that could really help us and in less than a week we had signed an agreement and we were moving forward,” Severin continued.

“In our first two weeks using Revvim, we set new records for traffic and revenue. In five short weeks, our SEO traffic and transactions grew 15%. Who can argue with results like that.

Within the 1st quarter our traffic shot up 25%.

In 4 months of using Revvim, our traffic and revenue were up a staggering 35%.”

-Debbie Jo Severin, CMO, 8×8

The Technology

Revvim delivers extremely actionable SEO recommendations. These recommendations are based on a mathematically precise algorithm designed to maximize search engine revenue to a given website for the target keywords. Revvim automatically identifies when those recommendations have been implemented and delivers an SEO Impact Report that ties resulting increases in rank, traffic and revenue back to the implementation of the Revvim recommendations. This results in provable ROI.

The Implementation

Within 5 minutes of opening their account, 8×8 connected their Google Analytics to their first Revvim campaign and downloaded thousands of keywords into Revvim’s system. This gave 8×8 a quick start by using a list of keywords that had previously delivered organic search traffic to their site. Revvim also pulled the associated revenue from Google Analytics to track not only rank and traffic but actual revenue. 8×8 then uploaded keyword files from AdWords and other sources to add new keywords they were interested in evaluating.

Identifying SEO Opportunities

With the domain entered and the keywords chosen, 8×8 kicked off Revvim’s automated process to identify SEO opportunities. Revvim’s technology uses patented algorithms to maximize organic search revenue across a given website for a chosen set of keywords. In just a few hours Revvim delivered an email to 8×8’s SEO team detailing the exact improvements to be made to specific pages to maximize SEO traffic and revenue.

“Revvim is the easiest SEO tool I’ve ever used, and the results have been stunning.”

– Beth Carney, Sr. Mktg Communications Manager, 8×8

Sample Recommendation Report
Sample Recommendation Report

Implementing Recommendations

Armed with the knowledge of exactly what they needed to do, 8×8’s web developers and content editors set about making improvements to the key SEO elements of their website. Revvim’s prioritized recommendations ensured that the effort was first applied to areas that would yield the greatest gains. This allowed improvements in rank, traffic and revenue to be seen within weeks rather than months.

Reporting the Results

From the beginning Revvim has delivered great results. In just two weeks of implementing Revvim’s  recommendations, 8×8’s weekly organic search traffic was the highest in the history of their site. 8×8’s results in 3 months showed a 25% increase.  Within 4 months 8×8 had measured a 35% jump in traffic and revenue. Revvim automatically identified when the recommendations were implemented and delivered reports showing the impact of their work. The report clearly illustrated that the keywords where recommendations had been implemented were ranking higher and delivering more organic search traffic.

“Revvim’s recommendations made perfect sense and they were easily sorted to make implementation faster.”

– Dave Provenza, Web Producer, 8×8

As a result, the SEO team at 8×8 was able to use Revvim as third-party validation of their work and prove the corresponding increase in organic search rank, traffic and transactions. This traffic increase represented free visits that 8×8 would otherwise have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to drive.

8x8 Impact Report

Building an Ongoing SEO Process

Each week Revvim delivers a report to 8×8’s SEO team on exactly where the site stands and the latest recommendations based on current and historic data from the search engines, the website and 3rd party data like Analytics. 8×8’s web developers and content editors then implement the top recommendations that will deliver the greatest impact. Moving forward the SEO team has continued to broaden their base of keywords to continually optimize the site as keywords, search behaviors and the website change over time.