Get Started

Revvim enables you to quickly and easily know exactly what to do to optimize your site for organic search revenue and traffic. Just complete these 4 simple steps, it will take you less than 15 minutes and you will be on your way to generating more free traffic.

  1. Create an Account and Login
    Simply provide a valid email address and a password to create a Revvim account.
  2. Create a Campaign
    Begin by selecting a descriptive name for your campaign, associating it with your keywords is a good descriptor and then you tell us what website you want to optimize.
  3. Create a Keyword List
    Now you provide the keywords you want to optimize your site for. Revvim provides three easy ways to import keywords into a campaign:
    • Connect your Google Analytics account and Revvim will determine keywords that have driven organic search traffic to your site in the last six months.
    • Upload keyword files (.csv or .txt).
    • Manually input keywords.
  4. Select a Plan
    Select the plan that corresponds with the amount of keywords you would like to optimize for. Visit the Revvim Pricing page for further details.

Now sit back and let Revvim go to work examining your domain and a number of data sources to determine how best to optimize your site for organic search traffic and revenue. Within hours you will receive a detailed list of prioritized tasks that tell you exactly what to do to improve your ranking and increase your revenue from organic search.