Customer Testimonials

“I give you keywords and you tell me exactly what changes I need to make. This is the holy grail of SEO. Every big company is going to want this.”

~Houston Jayne, SEO Director,

“In 4 months of using Revvim, our traffic and revenue were up a staggering 35%. I am loving it.”

~ Debbie Jo Severin, VP Marketing, 8×8, Inc.

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~Pete Zeiner, Director eBusiness Marketing, Advance Auto Parts

“The tool is amazing. This is exactly what is needed. You really understand the needs of your customers!”

~Andrea Iorio, VP Business Development and PR, LatAm

“I would recommend Revvim to any business with a website. Our SEO traffic has grown 12x in the past two years, and they are always there when I need them!”

~Ashley Stiles Turek, COO, The Turek Clinic

“After looking at Revvim’s technology, their direct approach and closed loop insights shine, this product has the potential to be a real game changer in search.”

~Steven Marshall, Chairman, Silicon Valley Search Engine Roundtable

“Revvim is awesome!”
~Sarah Welcome, Senior VP, Audience Operations, Hanley Wood
“Revvim provides great guidance and advice… it’s just a matter of me implementing it, then viewing results. Very useful and appreciated.”

~Josh Jacques, Webmaster, Pebble Beach Company