Features & Benefits

In today’s economy companies are facing the need to increase their organic traffic and justify that their efforts in SEO have a positive impact on the bottom line. Free search is known for generating the most qualified leads, but with an ever changing landscape in the methodologies and algorithms used by search engines it is a continually moving target. That is where Revvim comes in with its best of breed solution that will have you immediately improving your results.

Automatic SEO Analysis

Revvim reviews the critical on-page elements of your site and generates an actionable task list that will maximize your on-page SEO. No more long nights, auditing your pages. No more embarrassing and costly oversights

Optimize for Traffic AND Revenue

Revvim’s algorithms incorporate both traffic and revenue metrics to determine which pages should be optimized for buyers. Drive more qualified traffic to your site. You don’t just want window shoppers, you want users who are ready to take action.


Revim handles tens, thousands and millions of keywords and pages. Invest in a SEO system that will grow along with your business.

Customizable SEO

Revvim allows you to modify key variables in its underlying maximization equations so you can optimize your site the way you know best. Allows advanced users the flexibility to set their own limits and thresholds for SEO.

Track your Progress

Track how rankings, traffic, revenue and other key SEO metrics are trending over time. Revvim is not a reporting engine, but it’s important to see how your SEO improvements are affecting your business. Get clear, decisive measurements each step along the way.

Google Analytics Integration

Enter your Analytics credentials and Revvim will sync traffic and revenue data while discovering those keywords best suited for your site’s SEO. Get the most out of Revvim without having to add any code to your site. Get data from a source you already know and trust.

Create Multiple Campaigns

Revvim was built with agencies and large sites in mind. Handle the SEO for all of your web properties in one service. Save time and money by centralizing your SEO toolset. Buy credits in bulk and save.

Flexible Plans

Revvim has plans to handle sites big and small. Choose the right plan for your business. No long term contracts.

Easy to Get Started

Just create an account, point to a domain, provide a list of keywords. Then let Revvim go to work generating SEO tasks that are best suited for your site. Get optimizing quickly. No lengthy integration processes or audits.

Easy, Intuitive UI

A powerful tool for businesses in an interface that is easy to use and navigate. Get in, get out, get optimizing – quicker.