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Why you need to automate your SEO in 2017

April 26, 2017 - by Matt LeBaron

I talk to SEOs every day about how they spend their time and how they want to spend their time. There is nearly always a difference between the two.

Most SEOs know they should be strategic – using their creativity to plan effective link building strategies, their expertise to educate developers, their way of thinking to instruct content creators, their je ne sais quoi to engage executives. However, they find their precious – and costly – time held captive by spreadsheets, pulling in data from various sources, trying to make the right decision as to which page to optimize for which keyword and how best to do so, and then trying to report the result of their efforts.

Computers can crunch numbers faster than we can blink and with far greater accuracy and consistency. So…why do most SEOs include Spreadsheet Jockey amongst their list of jobs? Why haven’t we evolved beyond that job – fired ourselves from it – and made a career move to something more strategic?

The reason is that early solutions in SEO automation have been seriously flawed. They lack data, they lack algorithmic insight, and ultimately they lack efficacy. Recommendation engines suggest we do stupid things over and over again, and we rightly say “no”.

Many systems – some widely adopted as the best option amongst poor choices – have been focused on rankings and failed to consider CTR, transactions (or leads), and ultimately revenue. Most critically, they haven’t looked at the whole keyword portfolio and related content, and thus offer suggestions that would boost some minor term while possibly sacrificing a major term that is paying the bills.

As a result, SEOs have had no choice but to retreat back and be imprisoned in the cells of their spreadsheets, sacrificing time, creativity, strategic thinking, and ultimately opportunities for advancement for a job unworthy of them.

Don’t you think it’s about time good SEO automation killed that job?

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