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Santa Clara, CA. January 25, 2012 – is the first Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology solution to focus on revenue, not just traffic. “Our goal at Revvim is to empower website marketers and small business executives to rapidly improve their SEO efforts to deliver provable ROI (return on investment),” stated Matthew LeBaron CEO and founder of Revvim.

In today’s economy companies are demanding greater return from their marketing investment. Search marketing is no exception. Free search has always been known for generating the most qualified leads which makes SEO a key function for every website. Revvim’s patented technology not only shows how to improve natural search results, it shows exactly what to do to increase SEO revenue. Revvim is fully scalable and supports hundreds of thousands of keywords, yet it is simple enough for a small business owner to use.

“Consider the changing SEO landscape: each year Google has made 500-600 changes to the search algorithm; in 2011 Google’s Panda update hit ecommerce sites particularly hard; of the 375 million daily searches, 20% are completely unique each day; and now, websites’ must update their content regularly to meet Google’s requirements for fresh content known as QDF (Query Deserves Freshness). It’s not surprising that SEOs are struggling to keep their site optimized for traffic let alone fine tuned for revenue,” added LeBaron.

Revvim’s unique technology is based on an algorithm that maximizes organic search revenue from a given set of keywords for a specific domain. By performing a detailed analysis of all major search engines, the website and third party data including Google Analytics, Revvim is able to provide a specific list of actionable tasks for key page elements for every indexed page on a site. Revvim delivers a complete review across the website including: urls, title tags, h1 tags, meta tags, link anchor text and link title attributes.  Revvim shows what should be done to improve page ranking, grow traffic and increase SEO revenue. It identifies which keywords are actually converting best for revenue, from there it determines which pages to optimize for those keywords and exactly what to do to optimize those pages. Revvim’s holistic approach maximizes SEO revenue across an entire site.

After working with the available tools for years, Revvim’s founder Matthew LeBaron set out to create the first Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solution to maximize organic search revenue from a given set of keywords for a specific domain. The company has patents for its core technology. Revvim is a privately held company based in Santa Clara, California. The innovative, rapidly growing company specializes in a new sector of search engine automation that focuses on revenue not traffic. The service has been in development since 2009.  For more information contact: Marcel Mendoza 408.637.1067

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