At Revvim, we believe in delivering real value to our customers. We want our customers to confidently and willingly use our service. So there is no long term contract required. We know that many of our competitors lock you in to a long term contract. They say it gives you the best possible price. At Revvim, you get the best of both. You can simply have a month to month agreement or if you are comfortable, you can sign a 6 or 12 month contract to get additional discounts. Our aboveboard pricing is listed below for your convenience.

Tier 1 Plus
100 Keywords/wk.
10 Implementations/mo.
Biweekly Calls
Tier 2 Plus
400 Keywords/wk.
20 Implementations/mo.
Biweekly Calls
Tier 2 Basic*
Tier 3 Plus
1000 Keywords/wk.
35 Implementations/mo.
Biweekly Calls
Tier 3 Basic*
Tier 4 Plus
2000 Keywords/wk.
50 Implementations/mo.
Biweekly Calls
Tier 4 Basic*
Sign up for a year and we’ll waive the setup fee!

Each of the above plans has a one-time setup fee equal to the monthly rate.

For a longterm price quote or for pricing for higher volume keywords, please contact

*Basic plans do not include implementations or biweekly calls