Solutions by Website

Standard Websites

Revvim provides everything you need to optimize your website for search engines in one consolidated online service.  You will know how your site is performing and what steps you should take to stay in front of the pack. Revvim was built to save you time by automating all of the grueling analysis and time consuming SEO audits and delivering an immediate actionable list of tasks that are clear and concise and ready to be implemented by your webmaster.

Content Management Systems

Revvim augments your CMS, enabling your team to make purposeful updates to your website easier and more efficiently than ever before.  Revvim provides critical assistance to your online marketers by identifying precisely where to use specific keywords to best position your site to grow organic traffic and online revenue. Revvim can dynamically integrate SEO tasks directly into the workflows and modules of your content management system.  Using the Revvim API, we can build solutions tailored to your system that display SEO suggestions right alongside your CMS content creation panes.   Please contact us for further details on how Revvim can build SEO directly into your online marketing processes.

Database Driven Sites

Revvim is built to scale SEO alongside databases and dynamic site content.  We offer integration services for developing an SEO Layer that sits between your back-end databases and your front-end HTML. This layer uses our Revvim API to identify how to present your dynamic content to search engines in order maximize your site’s SEO.  Revvim provides a true way to scale your optimization for the keywords and traffic that will increase your site’s organic search revenue.